Please, if you accidentally Team Wound (TW) or Team Kill (TK) a player, APOLOGIZE.

  1. Respect ALL of the server admins and all of the servers rules!
  2. Absolutely no whiners, this includes whining about the maps and our rules!
  3. Do not say any religiously, sexually, or racially discriminatory remarks. This is your one and ONLY Warning. It will result in a KICK/BAN!
  4. No “mom” jokes or any jokes like them….. or any joke pertaining to discrimination of color, sex or sexual orientation!
  5. Do not team wound (TW) or team kill (TK) on purpose, or you could be kicked or banned which ever the admin(s) decide at the time!
  6. Do not spawn camp. To see a full list of spawn camping rules type the word “Spawn”!
  7. No recruiting, only <SK> is allowed to recruit!
  8. No Mic spamming or Mic abuse. If you want to be long-winded go to our Mumble (ADDRESS = PORT = 64738)!
  9. No cheating or using map exploits, it will result in a KICK/BAN!
  10. Spectate is for <SK> members only!
  11. No Racial Slurs!
  12. No Shooting Into Or Out Of Spawn

Also, please make note of our list of bannable words. These, and spelling/tense variations thereof, will result in a ban: either immediately or upon chat log review.


  1. RendezVou June 29, 2014 10:41 pm 


  2. Your mom's pussy July 22, 2019 8:25 pm 

    Fuck your rules, i use aimbot anyway! xD

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